The Kinsey House is an adult webcomic about seven people under one roof coming to understand each other and themselves. It's set in a vaguely old-world and includes a version of the comic that has sexual content. This is completely optional! Join us every Saturday for fancy waistcoats, disembodied voices, and fights that dissolve into porn.

Contains [m/m, m/f, and f/f, elements]

Find us on Tumblr, Twitter, & Piperka to track updates, find extra information and goodies, and get in touch with us!

The Kinsey House comic is created by AJ and Errow. We both write the comic and we trade off drawing chapters. Much of the process is directly collaborative as well.

Chapter 1 - AJ
Chapter 2 - Errow
Salen's Story - AJ
Chapter 3 - AJ
Wesley's story - Errow
Chapter 4 - Errow